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Best Affiliate Niches

The most profitable niches for affiliates are the ones where customers can generate revenues on a regular basis and are willing to spend big money. Selling $15 products won't make you rich unless you sell thousands, but referring an investor to a broker might bring you thousands of dollars alone. Find below the best affiliate niches to promote:

Financial Affiliate Programs

Financial Affiliate Programs are among the most profitable affiliate programs on the net, because there is a lot of money in this industry. The best selling financial products that pay high commissions to affiliates are related to financial investments accessible to the masses. The most common are:
Forex Affiliate Programs - Promote forex brokers for revenue share or CPA. Forex traders can generate a lot of money for their broker, and this is why commissions can be very big. On this niche the CPA's are among the highest but the revenue-share plans can sometimes be even more profitable.
Binary Options Affiliate Programs - Binary Options are becoming very popular among investors and they can generate good revenues for the affiliates. Everyone can trade binary options because it is very easy, and this product will see a consistent growth in the near future.

Gambling Affiliate Programs

Gambling Affiliate Programs are the other gem of the affiliate industry. Gambling is one of the most profitable niches on the internet and promoting gambling can make you a lot of money. The main sub-niches are:
Casino Affiliate Programs - Promote online casinos for revenue share or CPA. Online casinos pay their affiliates a percentage of the net losses of the referred clients (revenue share plans) for the lifetime of their accounts. This is why you can make money on a regular basis from a referred customer, and there is no need to remind how much money casinos make.
Poker Affiliate Programs - Promote online poker rooms for a percentage of the rake generated by your referred customers. You will get paid every time your customers play, so in the long run you can make a lot of money.
Rakeback Affiliate Programs - To keep their players motivated some poker rooms offer rakeback. If you want to promote rakeback there are only a small number of affiliate programs where you can do this.
Sports Betting Affiliate Programs - Promote online bookmakers for a percentage of the profit generated by the referred bettors. Many people prefer to bet online, so there is a very big market to be exploited.
Bingo Affiliate Programs - Promote online bingo halls. This is very similar to online casino promotion, and can be very profitable. Bingo is also very popular among women.
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