Affiliate Program Ratings
Affiliate Program Ratings
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best affiliate program
best affiliate program
best affiliate program
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Affiliate Program Ratings

Affiliate Program Ratings

Affiliate Program Ratings (APR) is an affiliate portal created by affiliates for affiliates. Our goal is to help affiliates identify the best affiliate programs that will make them the most money. We know that finding the right niche and the affiliate programs worth promoting is not easy and many affiliates waste their time trying to promote products that cannot generate high income. This is why we made a selection of top rated affiliate programs from the most profitable niches on the internet.
There are tons of affiliate programs on the market, for almost any type of product. If you are new to affiliate marketing it will be impossible to distinguish the good ones from the rest. We know from our experience that more than 90% of the affiliate programs cannot generate high income and will most likely produce only a few cents or dollars that you won't even be able to withdraw. As an affiliate you want to work only with affiliate programs that pay and can generate good income. On our website you will find only top affiliate programs from the most profitable niches on the internet.
Find below the most important sections of APR:

Affiliate Program Rankings

A list with the affiliate programs we consider most profitable and reliable. These are affiliate programs from very powerful companies that pay millions of dollars in commissions every year.

Best Affiliate Niches

A list with the highest paying affiliate niches. In this section you can find the best affiliate programs from each niche.

Best Payment Methods for Affiliates

Find the most popular payment methods for affiliates and the affiliate programs that use them. Many affiliates prefer to get paid with a certain method, and here you will find the affiliate programs that use the payment method you prefer.

Affiliate Program Reviews

Detailed reviews of the best affiliate programs. Here you will find important information about the affiliate programs that will help you choose the ones that work best with you.

Affiliate School

This section contains valuable resources for beginner and advanced affiliates alike. We try to help you become a successful affiliate by providing guides, tips and SEO advice for webmasters.
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All the affiliate programs presented on our website are independent programs. We do not assume any kind of responsability on behalf of the mentioned affiliate programs. All programs listed on our website were chosen according to our experience with them.
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