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Best Affiliate Payment Methods

Affiliate Programs use different methods to pay their affiliates. While most affiliate programs can pay with wire transfers or with checks, these two methods have many disadvantages. They are pretty expensive, they may take a long time to process and usually require a high minimum balance for the payout to be sent. However, there are other payment methods that are much faster and cost effective. Here is a list with the most popular payment methods among affiliates.

PayPal Affiliate Programs

PayPal is the widest spread E-Wallet on the internet. Many affiliates prefer to be paid with PayPal because they can easily withdraw their money on their card or they can use it to make purchases on the net from all major sites, including Amazon or Ebay.

Skrill Affiliate Programs

Skrill is one of the most popular and it is a very performing E-Wallet. It is considered the best payment method by experienced affiliates, because it's very fast, reliable and has the lowest fees.

Neteller Affiliate Programs

Neteller is the second most popular E-Wallet after PayPal and used to be the most popular payment method for gambling affiliates before Moneybookers. It is still a very good affiliate payment method.

Webmoney Affiliate Programs

WebMoney is an alternative method to the more popular E-Wallets and it is used by many people that don't have access to the previous ones, or who just prefer WebMoney. Some affiliate programs can pay their affiliates through WebMoney.
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