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How to choose your affiliate niche

Is the affiliate niche so important?

One of the first things an affiliate has to do when starting an affiliate business is to choose a niche. This is essential in determining the way your affiliate business will develop. Just like in any other business, you must first decide what is going to be your niche and what kind of products you intend to advertise, before proceeding with the rest.
Although most affiliates skip this essential step and start their affiliate business in a random niche they came across by chance, you should be aware that choosing your affiliate niche is probably the most important choice you will ever make as an affiliate. This is why making a wise decision at this point will have a very important impact on the success of your affiliate business.
There are very big differences between affiliate niches. Some of them are based on high volumes while others are based on high quality, some affiliate niches require certain skills and knowledge and the differences are so many that we can't include them all in a single article. You just have to know that choosing a good affiliate niche can make you much more money than choosing a niche that is not good enough.

How to choose the right affiliate niche?

There are two ways of deciding in what affiliate niche you want to work. One theory focuses on you, the affiliate, while the other theory focuses on the customers and the niche itself.
The first theory suggests you should start from what you know best and what you like most. This theory is based on a simple principle: to be successful in something you must know and like what you do. According to this theory, if you like fashion you should choose fashion as your affiliate niche and promote designer clothes. If you like web design you should promote templates and other related stuff you know many things about.
If you choose your niche according to this theory it will be easier to build your website and be successful in the niche you chose, because you have knowledge in the field and working in this niche will be easier since you like the domain. The draw down of this theory is that you may choose a niche that has not enough potential for generating high income.
The second theory focuses on the customer and the niche profitability. This theory is based on the following principle: if some people make a lot of money doing something, you too can make a lot of money by doing what they do. According to this theory you should find the most profitable affiliate niches. If you are a hard-working intelligent person you can learn the niche specifics and adapt easily, and how can you not like something that makes you money?
From our experience, the second theory is much better than the first one, and choosing a high paying affiliate niche will bring you much more money than choosing a niche you know better but has less potential.

The most profitable affiliate niches

An affiliate niche is profitable if it can attract customers to spend a lot of money on those products and if it has high profitability rates. Considering those two criteria, the most profitable main affiliate niches are Finance and Gambling. In both niches profitability rates are very high since there are no production costs (you are selling only a service that can be automated most of the times) and people are eager to spend a lot of money on such products.
To learn more about the most profitable affiliate niches you can visit our dedicated section: Best Affiliate Niches. You will find all the high paying affiliate niches with the best affiliate programs from each niche. This will save you a lot of research time, and you will start your affiliate business by partnering with the best affiliate programs.
By choosing the right affiliate niche and the best affiliate programs from that niche you will earn much more money from affiliation and you will avoid many affiliate scams and low profit programs.
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