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How to promote your website

Free traffic - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The cheapest way to drive traffic to your website is by improving your site's positions in search engines. Search Engine traffic (also known as organic traffic) is one of the most targeted traffic that you can get, and on top of this it is free. This is why most webmasters focus their work on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and work hard to rank better in Search Engines.
Search Engine Ranking Positions (also known as SERP) are determined by different factors. There are two types of factors that determine SERP: relevance factors and authority factors.
Relevance means the content of your page / website is related to the keyword you want to rank for. If you want to rank for the keyword "bingo games" your site content should be about "bingo games". Some important relevance factors are the page title, the description (less important than the title but it still matters), the domain name (a domain named is more relevant than for the keyword "bingo games"), the heading tags (your H1 and H2 tags on your page should contain related keywords) and of course the content itself.
Authority is about how important your site / page is for the Search Engine. The site authority is given by other sites that link to yours. Each link to your website adds value to your site's authority, but this value differs strongly according to the authority of the site linking to you. Having backlinks is essential for ranking in Search Engines.
However you should know that not all links will benefit your site. If your site is linked from "flagged" domains or "link farms" the value of the link will be zero, or even worse. If your link is in a "bad neighborhood" your site authority will be harmed. You don't want your site to be listed among sites with bad reputation (known for spamming, containing viruses or malware, link farms, etc.).
The best way to improve your authority is by obtaining quality links from reputable websites. One quality link is worth more than 100 junk links. Keep that in mind every time you want to build links, or when somebody promises to make hundreds of links for your site at a cheap price.
Quality links are very easy to differentiate from junk links. Here are some tips on how to determine if a link has value or not: number of links on the page where your site is linked from (should not exceed 10), the content / links ratio of the page (if the page has 200 words and 5 links is worse than a page with 2,000 words and 10 links) and the domain authority of the site you are linked from. Many so called "SEO experts" say the domain authority is given by the Google Page Rank (PR) that can be checked with Google Toolbar. In reality, authority has nothing to do with the PR value of the site / page. If you see a page with PR3 and 80 links on it, rest assured that it is pure junk and has no value. Better get a link on a PR0 internal page from a website that is not a "link farm".
Don't forget that "cheap" means "junk". Bulk has nothing to do with quality. Try focusing on quality links and forget about the quantity of junk links. And one more tip for link building: don't listen to "SEO Experts" who promise to help you. They just want to take your money.

Paid traffic - Pay Per Click campaigns (PPC)

The fastest way to drive relevant traffic to your website is buying advertising from reputable Search Engines. The big four (Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing) Search Engines have their PPC programs where you can buy ad space on their search results that are relevant to your keywords.
This way you are sure that your traffic is real and it comes from organic searches. However, the draw down of this technique is the high price of the relevant keywords. Most PPC programs will charge very high for ranking on powerful keywords. The best PPC program is Google AdWords.
There are other PPC programs on top of the "big 4", but they are not worth your money. They will most likely bring you fraud traffic and will be a useless waste of your budget.
Stay away from other scams that promise to bring relevant traffic at low prices. Low price means even lower quality. It is 100% impossible to find cheap quality traffic. Nobody would sell a brand new Porsche for $1,000.
Author: Abscident (all rights reserved - reproduction of this article is strictly prohibited without author's permission)
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